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"Your Word is a lamp to my feet
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Psalm 119:105

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Bible Study – Lot

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Life Lessons from Lot

In Genesis 11:27 we are told that Lot was the son of Haran, who was Abram’s brother. But Lot’s father had died. Then in Genesis 12:1-5, we are told that God has instructed Abram to leave the country he is now living in and go to a land that God will show to him. So Abram departs and Lot goes with him.

Lot is Blessed by Abram

Read Genesis 13:1-5 and then fill in the missing words from the following Scriptures (New King James Version of the Bible was used):

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  1. ... Abram went up from , ... and with him ... (Genesis 13:1)

  2. Abram was very rich in , in , and in . (Genesis 13:2)

  3. also, who with Abram, had and and . (Genesis 13:5)

Reflective Thoughts ...

When Abram left his country, he went to the land of Canaan. However, there was a famine in the land so he took his wife, Sarai, and nephew, Lot, to Egypt. While he was there, Pharaoh took a liking to Sarai and brought her into his house. He richly blessed Abram because he thought he was Sarai’s brother. Abram had told Sarai to pretend to be his sister, instead of his wife. But when God sent plagues on Pharaoh’s household because of Sarai being there, he commands Abram to leave. But he does allow Abram to keep all the blessings he had bestowed upon him. Apparently Abram had been sharing his blessings with Lot for we read in Genesis 13:5 that Lot is richly blessed too.

It is apparent that Abram knows he has done wrong because when he leaves Egypt he goes immediately to an altar he had made earlier and calls on the name of the Lord. (see Genesis 13:4). It is always good to keep short accounts with God. When we sin we need to go immediately to God and repent just like Abram did.

Lot didn’t seem to mind taking whatever Abram was willing to give to him and didn’t seem to feel a need to repent for accepting what Abram had received because of a lie, as there is no mention of Lot calling on the Lord too. This is an important factor that will cause Lot to make numerous mistakes during his lifetime.

Lot Begins Complaining

Read Genesis 13:6-13 and then fill in the missing words from the following Scriptures (New King James Version of the Bible was used):

  1. Now the was not able to them (Abram and Lot), ... for their were so ... (Genesis 13:6)

  2. ... there was between the herdsmen of livestock and the herdsmen of Lot’s ... (Genesis 13:7)

  3. So Abram said to , "Please let there be no between and me, and between my herdsmen and herdsmen: for are . (Genesis 13:8)

  4. Is not the land before ? Please from me. If you take the , then I will to the right; or, if you to the right, then I will go to the ." (Genesis 13:9)

  5. And Lot lifted his and saw all the of Jordan, that it was well everywhere ... like the of the Lord ... (Genesis 13:10)

  6. Then Lot for himself the plain of Jordan, and Lot east. And they from each other. (Genesis 13:11)

  7. Abram dwelt in the land of , and Lot dwelt in the of the plain and pitched his even as far as . (Genesis 13:12)

  8. But the of Sodom were exceedingly and sinful against the . (Genesis 13:13)

Reflective Thoughts ...

Lot does not seem to be very grateful for all that Abram has done for him. Therefore, it brings about the age-old problem – this place is not big enough for the two of us. Abram does not want there to be a problem between him and his nephew, so he is willing to let Lot choose where he wants to be. Lot seems to think that the plain of Jordan looks good and he wants to go there. It would have been a good idea to check with God first before making a move, but Lot doesn’t do that. He will eventually have to reap the consequences of not doing this. God always knows what is best for us and we should always consult with Him before making a decision.

Lot’s Choice

Answer the following statements with True or False – based on Genesis 13:6-13. (New King James Version of the Bible was used):

  1. Lot may not have been satisfied with the way things were and his herdsmen knew it and just voiced Lot’s discontentment.

  2. Lot tried to bring about peace between his herdsmen and Abram’s herdsmen.

  3. Lot consulted with God as to what he should do.

  4. Lot appears to be self-centered, thinking only about what might be good for him.

Reflective Thoughts ...

Lot wants what looks like the best for himself. There is no thought of God or his uncle, only what he wants. He is gaining what he thinks is the best but it will cost him everything in the end. We can see from the beginning that God was not the center of Lot’s life. He has not asked God’s advice in making a proper choice. If he had, God would have told him that the place he had chosen was a wicked and sinful place. But since he didn’t ask God, he will have to learn the consequences of living in such a place the hard way.

In John 2:16 we are told that there are three worldly temptations that tempt mankind – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. Lot has allowed himself to surrender to the temptations of the world and the day will come when he will have to pay the consequences of his choice.

God has good plans for us but we have to ask Him for those good plans, He will not force them on us. He will allow us to go our own way, for He has given us a freewill, but we will have to suffer the consequences of our wrong choices. Wrong choices come about because we fail to ask God’s advice.

Lot is Taken Captive

There is a war and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah flee and Sodom and Gomorrah are conquered and Lot is taken into captivity.

Read Genesis 14:1-16 and then fill in the missing words from the following Scriptures(New King James Version of the Bible was used):

  1. Then (the conquers) took the goods of and , and their provisions, and went their . (Genesis 14:11)

  2. They also took , Abram’s brother’s son who in Sodom, and his , and . (Genesis 14:12)

  3. Now when heard that his brother (actually his nephew) was taken , he ... his servants ... and went in ... (Genesis 14:14)

  4. So he back the goods, and brought back his brother (actually his nephew) and his , as well as the and the . (Genesis 14:16)

Reflective Thoughts ...

Lot had been taken captive because he suffered the consequences of living in Sodom. But he doesn’t learn his lesson and returns to Sodom after Abram rescues him. But soon more trouble will be coming to Lot because of his unwise choice to return to Sodom. Again, Lot has not bothered to ask God where he should go after being rescued, but decides on his own where he wants to go.

God Talks with Abraham

In Genesis 18:17 the Lord says, "Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing." God says this shortly after He has spoken to Abram and told him that He is going to change his name from Abram to Abraham and that he will become a father of many nations and that he would be a blessing to others.

Read Genesis 18:17-33 and then fill in the missing words from the following Scriptures (New King James Version of the Bible was used):

  1. And the Lord said, "Because the against Sodom and Gomorrah is , and because their is very grievous. I will down now and see whether they have altogether to the outcry it that has to Me, and if , I will ." (Genesis 18:20-21)

  2. And Abraham came and said, "Would You destroy the with the wicked? (Genesis 18:23)

  3. Suppose there were righteous within the city ...?"(Genesis 18:24)

  4. And the Lord , "If I find in Sodom righteous within the city, then I will all the place for sake." (Genesis 18:26)

  5. "Suppose there were less than the fifty righteous; would You destroy of the city for of five?" And He (God) said, "If I find there , I will destroy it." (Genesis 18:28)

  6. ".... Suppose there should be found there?" And He (God) said, "I will do it for the of forty." (Genesis 18:29)

  7. "... Suppose should be found there?" And He (God) said, "I will do it if I thirty there." (Genesis 18:30)

  8. "... Suppose should be found there?" And He (God) said, "I will not it for the of twenty." (Genesis 18:31)

  9. "... Suppose should be found there?" And He (God) said, "I will destroy it for the of ten." (Genesis 18:32)

  10. So the Lord went His as soon as He had speaking with Abraham; and Abraham to his place. (Genesis 18:33)

Reflective Thoughts ...

Through God’s conversation with Abraham, we see that it is never God’s Will for anyone to perish. He also gives Abraham an opportunity to fulfill being a blessing to others as He told him he would be. Abraham knows that Lot and his family are in trouble and he intercedes on their behalf. A wonderful picture of what Jesus does for us. He is always interceding on our behalf when we have sinned and should come under judgment. We are saved for Jesus’ sake. Once Abraham was sure that he had covered Lot and his family, he stopped asking God to intervene. Then God went on His way to do what He knew was best and Abraham was content to leave it in God’s Hands.

Two Angels and Lot

While God was talking with Abraham, two of God’s angels were on their way to check out the grievous sins that were going on in Sodom and Gomorrah. When they arrived in Sodom, they saw Lot and he insisted that they come home with him.

Read Genesis 19:1-29 and then fill in the missing words from the following Scriptures (New King James Version of the Bible was used):

  1. Now the two came to Sodom in the , and was sitting in the of Sodom ... (Genesis 19:1)

  2. And he , "Here now, my lords, please in to your servant’s and spend the , and wash your ; then you may rise and go on your ." And they said, "No, but we will the night in the open ." (Genesis 19:2)

  3. But he strongly; so they turned in to him and his house. Then he them a feast, and baked bread, and they . (Genesis 19:3)

  4. Now they lay down, the of the city, the men of , both old and young, the people from quarter, surrounded the . (Genesis 19:4)

  5. And they called to and said to him, "Where are the who came to you tonight? Bring out to that we may them carnally." (Genesis 19:5)

  6. So Lot went out to through the doorway, the door him, and said, "Please, my brethren, do do so !" (Genesis 19:6-7)

  7. ... the men (angels) out their and pulled into the with them, and the door.(Genesis 19:10)

  8. And they (the angels) struck the who were at the of the house with , both small and great, so that became weary to find the . (Genesis 19:11)

  9. Then the men (angels) said to , "Have you else here? Son-in-law, your sons, your daughters, and you have in the city - take them of this place! (Genesis 19:12)

  10. For we destroy this , because the outcry them has grown before the of the Lord, and the Lord has us to it." (Genesis 19:13)

  11. When the dawned, the angels urged to hurry, saying, ", take your and your daughters who are , lest you be in the punishment of the ." (Genesis 19:15)

  12. And while he (Lot) , the men took of his hand, his hand, and the hands of his two , the Lord being to him, and they brought him and set him outside the . (Genesis 19:16)

  13. Then the Lord brimstone and fire on and Gomorrah, from the Lord of the heavens. So He those cities, all the , all the of the cities, and what on the ground. (Genesis 19:24-25)

  14. And it came to pass, when God the cities of the , that God remembered , and sent out of the of the overthrow, when He overthrew the in which Lot had . (Genesis 19:29)

Where Did Lot Go Wrong

Answer the following statements with True or False based on Genesis 13:6-13 and Genesis 19:1-23.

  1. Lot should have consulted with God before he separated from Abraham.

  2. Lot could make a wise decision on his own.

  3. Lot was only thinking about what looked good to the eyes.

  4. If Lot had asked God about Sodom, He would have told him not to go there.

  5. Lot should not have returned to Sodom after Abraham rescued him.

  6. Lot did not know how wicked the people of Sodom were.

  7. Lot should have taken his family and moved from Sodom.

  8. Lot was ready to go when the angels told him to leave.

Reflective Thoughts ...

Lot’s decision to return to Sodom was not a wise choice. Sodom is symbolic of the world. Once we have been rescued from the world we should not return to it. The world never gets better no matter what it goes through. There had been a war and Sodom and Gomorrah had been plundered but they didn’t learn anything from what had happened. The people just continued their wicked and sinful ways. Lot returns to live among these wicked and sinful people. They had no regard for God or His righteous thoughts and ways. God says there has been an outcry regarding their wickedness so He is sending angels to verify the truth of the outcry. But God is merciful and wants to do what He can to save Abraham’s nephew, Lot. So God gives Abraham an opportunity to intercede for Lot before judgment falls on Sodom.

Lot is aware of the wickedness of Sodom but has never removed his family from the area. Now it is going to cost him most of his family. When the two angels arrived in Sodom looking like men, Lot knew they were in trouble and he does try to protect them by taking them home with him. However, that does not deter the wicked men of Sodom, and they display just how wicked they are. But they are no match for the angels of God. God has promised Abraham that He will not destroy the area if He can find ten righteous people. But there are not ten righteous people so judgment must go forward. But even though the angels warn Lot of the destruction of the cities because of their wickedness, he still hesitates to leave and the angels have to drag him, his wife, and two daughters out of Sodom. Lot has other family members but they are not interested in leaving, they will have to suffer the consequences of their choice. This could have been why Lot was so reluctant to leave.

Lot is Rescued

"And it came to pass, when God destroyed the cities of the plain, that God remembered Abraham, and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow, when He overthrew the cities in which Lot had dwelt." Genesis 19:29 NKJV.

Read Genesis 19:15-30 and then fill in the blanks and answer the True or False statements: (New King James Version of Bible was used)

  1. Who were the four people who barely escaped the punishment of Sodom? (Genesis 19:15)  

  2.    True or False: Lot and those with him were told not to look back nor stay anywhere in the plain. (Genesis 19:17)

  3. Where was Lot told to escape to? (Genesis 19:17)  

  4. Where did Lot want to go instead? (Genesis 19:17-22)  

  5.    True or False: Lot is still determined to do things his way instead of God’s way. (Genesis 19:17-22)

  6. Who looked back and became a pillar of salt? (Genesis 19:26)  

  7.    True or False: God does not always know what is best for us. (See Jeremiah 29:11)

  8. Who did God remember so that Lot was removed from Sodom before the destruction? (Genesis 19:29)  

  9.    True or False: Lot and his two remaining daughters stayed in Zoar? (Genesis 19:30)

  10. Where did Lot and his two daughters finally end up? (Genesis 19:30)  

Reflective Thoughts ... God really does know what is best for us!

Lot had always insisted on doing things his way. And he never seemed to learn that doing things his way did not turn out good for him or his family. Lot did not have a good ending because of always stubbornly insisting on doing things his own way. In the end, his daughters caused him to sin a sin that created troubles for others for generations. (see Genesis 19:30-38) How different Lot’s life and the life of his family could have been if he had only sought God’s wisdom regarding what was best for them to do. May we learn from Lot how important it is to have God at the center of our lives and to constantly seek His wisdom and guidance regarding our lives and the lives of our family. Then we will be able to be a blessing to our family and others.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He shall direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6  NKJV

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